At Paduka Consultants, we are experts in professional design and development of websites. We offer our services for developing business websites, niche websites as well as personal websites. We specialize in WordPress based websites and blogs.

We are also experts in organic search engine ranking methods.

We also accept custom projects on blog design, development, maintenance and promotion.

Other related activities that we undertake are:

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Niche WordPress Blogs

Create niche WordPress blogs using high quality, Premium WordPress themes.

Niche/Keyword Research

Find low competition niches with high revenue potential. And, find keywords with good search volume but are easier to rank.

Blog Promotion

High quality and result oriented techniques for organic traffic generation and keyword ranking.

SEO Optimised Web Content

High quality, unique, 100% original, well researched content written by native English speaking professional writers of highest caliber.

WP Blogs Optimization Recommendation

We offer our services to help you to optimize your existing WordPress blogs in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by giving you detailed recommendations.

Custom Turnkey Projects

These are meant for companies that would like to outsource WordPress blog design & development and/or on-going blog maintenance & promotion services.

How To Promote Your Blog And Gain Traffic? We Can Give You A Helping Hand!

Love them or hate them, the folk at Google quite literally hold the future of your website or websites in their hands. Every time the company changes their algorithms, countless websites suddenly lose their cherished ranking in Google’s search results. On the other hand, many websites have of course also benefited from these ongoing changes. At Paduka Consultants we believe that Google and the other major search engines have made very positive changes; changes that can benefit both consumers and webmasters.

In the past, even questionable websites were able to secure favorable search engine ranking simply by exploiting a few very basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics without really knowing how to promote your blog. Injecting keywords into articles; web pages; meta descriptions and so on would often secure a position on page one of search results, regardless of whether a site offered visitors any real value or not. Millions of webmasters were able to increase traffic just by submitting keyword dense articles to article directories like Ezine Articles. Today, these outdated strategies simply don’t work anymore.

High Value Content is the Secret to Your Question: How To Promote Your Blog

It is often said that “content is king” and to a certain extent it is, but webmasters need to focus on quality rather than on quantity. Publish high value content on your website, and you can be sure that the search engines are going to pick up on it. Paduka Consultants Private Limited has already helped many website owners to increase traffic substantially just by reviewing and upgrading content appearing on their sites. Forget what you have read about things like keyword density because there is so much more to it than that.

The Truth about Link Building Packages

Link building is one of the most advocated forms of SEO, and a quick online search will reveal an almost infinite number of websites offering link building packages, most of which will supposedly increase traffic more than you could ever have imagined. In truth however, the overwhelming majority of these packages actually do more harm than good. Having thousands of links pointing back to your website from other sites that have nothing in common with your own site, immediately raises red flags with regards to the search engines. These type of practices are followed by vendors who simply exploit customers who do not know how to promote their blog.

The same applies to links posted on sites that receive very little traffic. A website that only gets a few visitors each day is not going to be seen as being a very valuable site by the search engines, and if the site isn’t even related to your own site, then having a link on that site is actually going to count against you. The best link building service is one that successfully gets your links onto “real” meaningful websites; websites that enjoy plenty of traffic. At Paduka Consultants we believe in the power of manual link building, and to this end we take extreme care to ensure that every link counts.

The Power of Press Releases

Press releases have always been an incredibly powerful SEO tool, but unfortunately many webmasters either haven’t realized this, or else their budgets have prohibited them from exploiting the power of press releases. Most online content providers and SEO services appreciate the potential of a well written press release, and this is reflected in the rates they charge for writing and distributing news worthy press releases.

At Paduka Consultants we realize that press releases have to be of real value to readers, and we strive to get every press release we create published on all of the major news sites, including Google News. If you are really serious about taking your website to the next level, invest in some high quality press releases on a regular basis and watch your website traffic increase almost overnight.

Blog Creation and Blog Maintenance

With more than 500 million blogs currently operational, and several thousand new WordPress blogs being created every day, how could it even be possible to secure a favorable ranking with the search engines? Fortunately, the search engines are incredibly good at distinguishing between good and bad blogs. If a visitor arrives on your site and they immediately leave again, you can be sure that the search engines are also not going to hold your site in high regard.

Creating and maintaining a blog calls for a great deal of experience if you are relying on your blog as a source of income. Even with plenty of high value content, many websites still lose traffic due to simple issues which could easily be resolved. These could for example include a poorly organized site where visitors have difficulty navigating. Another common mistake involves having excessive graphics and/or animation. Everyone wants their websites to look impressive, but finding the right balance is critical.

Blog sites also require constant maintenance. Old or outdated content must be removed, and new fresh content must be introduced at regular intervals. In short, all the major search engines like to see plenty of activity which basically tells them that a site is alive and active. With many years of experience behind us, we know only too well that websites which are designed for visitors rather than for search engines, are far more likely to make it onto page one of the search results.

Growing Your Business with Comprehensive Web Solutions

Paduka Consultants specialize in providing comprehensive website solutions that are meticulously structured to increase traffic while at the same time boosting credibility in the eyes of the world’s leading search engines. Our Guest Posting and Web 2.0 solutions are based on our many years of experience in this field, and today we believe that we are able to provide our clients with a level of service which is second to none.

Anyone can become an SEO expert, but it will require an incredible amount of dedication, and it is an ongoing job that will consume virtually all your time. If time is important to you, and you are serious about establishing a solid online presence, employing the services of a professional company is without question the best way forward, keeping in mind that experience is just as important and just as valuable as knowledge.

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