Google Updates And How To Improve Search Engine Ranking

When Google announced their intention to roll out the latest Penguin update, webmasters from all around the world braced themselves for the storm which would surely follow. Sadly, they had every reason to be afraid, because with a single sweep of the brush, thousands of websites suddenly vanished off the front page of Google’s search results. Even websites that had featured on page one for ages were suddenly gone. Almost overnight, search engine ranking had taken on a whole new meaning, leaving countless webmasters to try and figure out what they had done wrong to deserve the wrath of Google.

Understanding Google and Penguin

One of the first things to remember is the fact that none of us can argue with the search engines. We either have to satisfy their requirements, or else we simply have to give up and throw in the towel. Search engines are under a tremendous amount of pressure to provide credible search results to the millions of people who uses their services each day.

Now more than ever before, search engines are looking for legitimacy; they are in essence trying to make it easy for people to find the best possible answers to their questions, and the best solutions for the problems they might have. So, does this mean that it is now impossible to boost search engine ranking by means of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Interesting Fact – Google processes more than 40 million search requests every second!

SEO Is As Powerful Now As Ever Before

Despite all the latest changes, I am still seeing so-called SEO specialists pursuing the same old tactics they have been using for years. It would seem very few are even willing to acknowledge the fact that the rules of the game have changed. At Paduka Consultants, our business model is based on the fact that SEO is never static. It is constantly changing, and we believe that we have an obligation towards our clients to stay ahead of the game with regards to SEO.

We also realize that no two websites are the same, and that different sites might call for different approaches in order to improve ranking and website traffic. It is also critical to keep in mind that there is a very clear difference between increasing traffic and increasing search rankings. Getting your website onto page one is notoriously more difficult than it is to increase traffic. Website traffic can be generated in several ways, including link building; blog posting and etc. You can find out more about increasing traffic by clicking here.

In order to hit page one however, you really need to keep Google sweet. Your site needs to stand out as being a “REAL” website offering “REAL” value. Without any real value to offer visitors, those visitors are not going to hang around for very long, and if all your visitors leave your site within just a few seconds, you can well and truly kiss page one goodbye. On the other hand, with a robust SEO strategy in place, improving your site’s search ranking is certainly not impossible.

Go It Alone or Leave It to the Professionals

To address all areas of SEO is incredibly time consuming and it requires a vast amount of commitment. To get a general idea of what is required, you can visit our services page here. No matter what you may have read, or what “remarkable” automated SEO tools you may have seen advertized, you can be sure that when it comes to SEO, there is no such thing as autopilot. Remember, there is a very good reason why successful companies hire professional companies like Paduka Consultants to manage and maintain their websites.

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