Hiring A Web Content Specialist To Get Your Blog Recognized

Regardless of how many changes Google and the other big players make to their search parameters, any seasoned webmaster will still tell you that “Content Is King” and it well and truly is. After all, why would anyone want to visit your website or your blog if there is nothing there for them? Sure, sites like EBay and Amazon don’t need content because people don’t visit those sites to read. People visit those sites to buy stuff. Nonetheless, such sites are an exception rather than the norm.

Understanding the Value of Quality Content

Let’s just say that you are a newcomer to the world of internet marketing. You’ve read reports of people earning a considerable amount of money, and right now you believe that there is a demand for the type of service or product you want to promote. Because you are new to all of this, you decide to do a whole bunch of research. You’ve heard that “back links” are crucial, so you do an online search in order to learn more.

You click a link and within seconds you are browsing a website that offers an almost endless supply of products and subscriptions, all of which will seemingly transform your own blog overnight. Of course you might take the bait, but most people would rather spend their money on a site that isn’t only about selling. If you visit a site that offers real quality information, along with products or services, most people would be more inclined to trust such a site, and this is where a web content specialist can make a world of difference.

Content Specialist Pros and Cons

The only negative aspect of hiring a specialist to create content for your site is the fact that you will have to pay for the content. You could of course produce your own content, including articles; videos, and so on, but it takes a considerable amount of time. Apart from the time factor, one also needs to think about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is nothing like it was a decade ago, or even a year ago.

These days, webmasters and bloggers need to think about so much more than just the frequent use of keyword phrases. In order for content to be deemed useful by the search engines and also by the people who visit your site, your content must be easy to read; it must impart knowledge, and it must be written specifically for your target audience. To find out more about increasing traffic to your blog, and why you need to focus on your target audience, click here.

The Power of Analytics

So many website owners underestimate the true value of analytics, and yet this is one of the most crucial SEO tools out there. If you don’t use these tools, you are essentially feeling your way around in the dark. You won’t have access to vital information that could allow you to transform your site from a mediocre site into a prime site. A reputable web content specialist will take full advantage of these tools.

They will want to know exactly how many visitors a site is getting; where are those visitors coming from; what keywords are driving the most visitors to a site, and of course they will pay very close attention to click through rates. That is, they will want to know how long the average visitor stays on the site before navigating away. After all, if most of your visitors leave your site almost immediately, then there is something drastically wrong. This is why your site’s home page is so incredibly important.

Home Page – The Face of Your Website & Business

Every single page on your site is important, but the importance of your home page simply cannot be stressed enough. It is typically this page which is going to determine whether a visitor to your site stays on your site, or whether he leaves immediately. A home page should make people feel welcome; it should leave no doubt your level of expertise in your chosen niche, and it should make people want to explore your site further. If you are not a very experienced writer or webmaster, then it really is advisable to use a web content specialist in order to create a powerful home page.

Getting a ton of visitors would suggest that your SEO is certainly on form, but if you can’t keep your visitors, then your content really needs to be scrutinized, and again, this is where a content specialist can make a very real difference.

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