Attention Grabbing Phrases For The Ultimate Article Titles

Every single day of my life, I spend some time reading articles, and not only work related articles either. For example, I visit a number of news sites; I might spend a little bit of time reading a newspaper, and of course, my line of work also requires me to read and write articles on a daily basis.

However, let’s stick to articles you come across when you search for something online. Let’s say I want to find out more about increasing traffic to my blog. I do a quick Google search, and I’m presented with millions of results. Okay, I’ll be quite honest here and say that I very rarely look beyond page one of the search results. Yes, I should have more patience, but I’m usually working against the clock.

More often than not, I’ll scan through the results, and then click on the one that appeals to me the most. I think it is safe to say that most people do more or less the same thing. Somewhere on that page, a particular title is going to grab their attention, and they will click on that link as a result. Why do people choose to only read certain articles while completely ignoring others, even if they are about the same topic?

The answer of course is quite simple: People are drawn to articles with catchy titles. In other words, attention grabbing phrases entice people to click and read. With all of this having been said, it’s important to keep a few crucial points in mind.

Make Sure the Article Delivers What the Title Promises

In my opinion, many people don’t take titles seriously enough when they sit down to write articles. Instead, they focus almost entirely on the actual content. Remember though, without a compelling title, your great content may never be read and appreciated.

While you should go out of your way to use attention grabbing phrases in your title, you also want your title to possess another vitally important quality: It must accurately describe what your article is about. If your title says “5 Bombproof Techniques For Increasing Traffic” then you need to make sure your article does indeed offer FIVE traffic generating techniques.

When Catchy Is No Longer Catchy

Don’t promise a mountain if you can only deliver a molehill! Yes, there are times when a catchy title can in fact be too catchy. For example, if you have discovered a guaranteed way to increase traffic over a very short period of time, then by all means share your knowledge with others. However, guard against being too enthusiastic with your title.

It’s okay to tell people that they will see a notable increase in traffic within just a few days. On the other hand, if your title promises an 80% increase in traffic within only seven days, most people, and especially those in the know, will almost certainly take no notice of such a bizarre claim. Even if you did in fact see an 80% increase in your own traffic, it simply sounds too good to be true.

Increasing Search Engine Ranking with Catchy Subtitles

I’m amazed at just how many people fail to use subheadings in their articles. Regardless of what you might have read or been told subtitles DO influence search engines. They might not be a major concern, but even if they only help a little bit, then they are worth using.

Subtitles also play another role, in that they help to break up the content of an article, thereby making an article look more organized and more structured. Also, many people will quickly scan an article before actually reading it, and having a few attention grabbing subtitles can quite often tip the balance in your favor.