How To Significantly Increase Traffic By Writing Guest Posts

If you have set up a website with the intention of making money from it, then your primary goal will obviously be to get as many visitors as possible. After all, the more visitors your site gets the more sales you are likely to make. The biggest challenge is of course actually getting the amount of traffic you need.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essentially a collection of strategies which are used in order to improve search engine rankings. It is every website owner’s dream to see their sites on the front page of Google’s search results. Sadly, many webmasters never get to see their dreams come true, and in many instances, it is simply because they fail to employ a robust SEO strategy.

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The Truth about Google’s Stance on Guest Blogging

SEO specialists have long since recommended guest blogging as a means to generate more traffic. However, Google has recently started clamping down on this practice, and as a result, many website owners have been penalized. Nonetheless, this DOES NOT mean you cannot increase traffic by writing guest posts.

When Matt Cutts, the chief of Google’s webspam team announced that guest blogging was to become a redundant SEO tactic, many website owners actually misinterpreted the announcement. What Google was actually saying, is that guest blogging has grown to be very spammy, and that this will no longer be tolerated.

There were millions of bloggers contributing worthless posts to countless blogs, purely for the sake of increasing traffic to their own sites. This also resulted in a lot of duplicate content because bloggers were writing a single post, and then posting that same post on many different sites.

Guest Blogs; Value and Google

As I have mentioned above, you can still increase traffic by writing guest posts, but you need to be writing “REAL” posts that offer “REAL” value to readers. I’m going to stick my head out here and say this is very plain and simple English… If you are writing a load of rubbish and posting it on a bunch of meaningless low authority sites, Google is going to nail you for it.

Guest blogging can be really great because it allows you to share your knowledge; views and opinions. An increase in traffic back to your own site should ideally be viewed as a bonus. I personally like to think of increased traffic as being a form of payment for my time and effort.

In truth, I would almost certainly continue contributing to other people’s blogs even if there was no chance of me getting more traffic. I guess I really enjoy it, and because of this, I write with passion, and I post on sites with a long and proven track record.

Guard Against Excessive Linking

Remember, when you are posting on someone else’s site, you are a guest. Using an opportunity like this, simply to display as many links to your site as possible, is not good etiquette. My advice would be that you only insert your link or links once or twice, and only if you can insert them without disrupting the flow of your post.

Establishing A Long Lasting Relationship

Some SEO specialists argue that you can guest blog on different websites all the time, providing you always post high quality content on high authority sites. From my own experience however, I have found that I get more traffic from guest blogging on sites I’ve been contributing to on a regular basis.

I’ve also found that people who read my posts on these sites are more likely to engage with me. In other words, they’re more likely to leave comments, or maybe ask a question. I’ve also firmly established that responding to comments and questions can have a very positive impact on traffic to my site.

SUMMARY: There is nothing wrong with guest blogging to increase traffic! Providing you do it with a genuine sense of sincerity, it can be a very powerful SEO tool, and Google will not penalize you at all.