A Motivational Look At Things You Can Do To Promote Your Brand

promote your brand

How would you like to go for a Big Mac? What is a big Mac? Come on, I’m sure most of us already know that a “Big Mac” is just one of the options you’ll see on the menu when you walk into any Mc Donald’s restaurant. Draw a sketch of an elderly guy, give him a pair of spectacles; a goatee beard and dress him in red and white, and hey, we don’t have Santa Claus; we have KFC.

Perhaps the most famous is Coca-Cola. Just last year, the Coca-Cola Company did the unthinkable. They removed the name “Coca-Cola” from their cans and bottles, and instead, replaced the company’s name with popular boy’s names and girl’s names. They did of course continue to use their trademark “ribbon” logo, and the color scheme we are all so familiar with.

Did sales go down because people never wanted to drink a bottle of Martin, or a can of Shawn; Peter, Ludvic or whatever? No, the concept proved to be a phenomenal success. Consumers were rushing to the stores to get their hands on their very own personalized bottle of Coke.

Now, one could see this as a sign of arrogance, but at the end of the day, it showed just how powerful “branding” can be, and this is why you need to promote your brand as aggressively as possible. Obviously you and I cannot compete with the giant corporations, but with some effort and some creativity, we can and should work towards getting some of our own brand recognition.

Uniformity and Consistency

Sure, Coca-Cola can play around, but I certainly don’t think we should be trying it. If you have settled on a name, be it for your business, your product or your service, then you need to stick with that name no matter what. Of course, it is always best to think of a name that is easy to pronounce regardless of a person’s nationality, and a name which is easy to remember.

Once people have heard and/or seen your brand name a few times, that is the name that is going to stick in their minds, so don’t change it. When you do content marketing, make sure you promote your brand name. You do not need to include it in every post you write, but you can still slip it in, for example, in the form of internal links. For instance, if you would like to find out more about cutting edge SEO, you can just go ahead and click here.

Did you see what I just did? I added a link which many readers might find helpful, but the same link is going to direct you to our “services” page at PandukaConsultants.com. Apart from promoting your brand being on pages that you publish on your site, you should also promote your business on social media sites as well as press releases. However, before I go there, I have something else which I need to share with you.

Logos and Color Schemes

A lot of advertisers will argue with me, but personally I don’t think it’s that important for your entire site to have the same color scheme. Sure, colors can make a difference, and your choice of colors on your sales page can even increase conversions. You can read more about it in this article.

However, let’s not worry too much about having a consistent site-wide color scheme. When I talk about logos and colors, I am essentially referring to the sort of thing you see Coca-Cola doing. Choose a simplistic logo, and embed it in a color that never changes. Basically, you want brand name; your logo; and color to work as one.

Social Media Websites

Naturally, you want to spread your brand name on Facebook; Twitter and etc. What you don’t want to do; is you don’t want to ignore Pinterest. This is a great site that actually makes it possible for you to promote your products or services in a very “non-pushy” sort of way. I also highly recommend the use of press releases.

Promotion in the Real World

If you are restricted by your budget, print out a bunch of flyers with your business details on, and maybe a “limited time only” special offer. If you can afford ordering and handing out promotional gifts like pens; calendars and coffee mugs, then do it, and don’t forget to include your business card.

In my opinion, far too many internet entrepreneurs stop work when they shut down their computers for the day. My motto is: “Every single person on the planet is a potential customer”. Talk to them; let them know what you can do for them or their business. Be friendly; be confident in your abilities, and never ever take rejection personally.

If someone turns you away, just remind yourself that you are now one step closer to success. You can read more about dealing with rejection here.