Learn How To Market Your Blog to Increase Traffic and Search Rankings

how to market your blog Your blog is brand new and you have got a lot to say. Your content is crisp, clean and original and you cover a broad range of information. There’s an old saying in the business “If you build it, they will come”. That’s probably the biggest lie you have ever been told. The truth is, if you build it, and you write it and you market it well, then, they will come. You have got a lot of great information and now you need to find a way to help people find it. What are the best ways to ensure that people see your blog posts? How can you market your blog and bring in the traffic that you need to make it worthwhile? Fortunately the online world helps you to create a buzz about your products, your services, and even your blog. If you are looking for how to market your blog, look no further than sites you are probably using every day. You can do it easily and in some cases, you can even do it free of charge. Some of the best ways to promote your blog are a little labor intensive, but they can be done without additional costs.

Social Media Promotion

Social media, as everyone knows, is probably the best way to generate a buzz about services, products, or yes, even a blog. There are some specific types of social media that will work better than others. Facebook is a great place to start, simply by virtue of the vast numbers of people who visit it. Your goal at Facebook is to get likes and shares as well as to send traffic back to your blog. Several different types of posts will accomplish that for you quite readily. Some of the major corporations out there are playing this game very well. They are placing social media posts with links back to their site, but posts that also offer information or share tips. Those types of posts that end in a question and a link also promote traffic to your site as well as social sharing. The sharing will bring your blog into view of a wide range of other people. Sharing has a domino effect. It will continue to flow through other friend lists and bring additional traffic to your blog.

Forum posts

Posting a signature link in your forum posts will get your blog out there in front of the eyes of people who have an interest in what you have to say. Adding one or two forum posts that flow well with the content on the forums, whether it is marketing or product sales, and using your signature, once you are permitted, to help them to find your blog is a good method of sharing what you have to say with a larger group. Make certain that you take part in the conversation and post things that are relevant to the topic so that it doesn’t appear that you’re simply spamming for traffic.

YouTube Videos are Wonderful Sales Tools

YouTube, owned by Google, is now the site of one of the largest search engines in the world. Creating a video from portions of your content allows you to do two things at one time. People love videos. You’ll be able to repurpose some of your content to create your video and also link back to your site where the remainder of the post is housed on your blog. YouTube videos can give you a wonderful traffic spike and put your blog out there where people will find it. In many cases you’ll get return traffic simply by virtue of the fact that they liked what they saw the first time around.

Infographics Boost Traffic Readily

Take a portion of your article or one that is particularly interesting and use it to create a quick and simple infographic. Post the graphic on a social media site or on one of your groups on LinkedIn or even Pinterest and you’re assured of a good traffic return. The method is working very well for even larger corporations because people are very visual in nature. Graphics appeal to their artistic side while offering good information.

Contests Bring in Traffic

Make a tee shirt or a hat or something that has anything to do with your blog content or post topic. Post a contest on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media with a photo of your prize and the contest rules and then connect it back to your home page. One example of this is Skittles who gave away low priced beanbag chairs, while other soft drink companies frequently give away tees with their logo. Even a mouse pad will get you a lot of visitors and contest entries.

Offer a Free Blog Post

One of the best ways to get traffic is to offer a free piece of outstanding content to a site that is highly relevant to your content. Take care not to make it a competitor, but instead, use sites that feed into yours and will make a good partner site. For example, if you’re a carpet seller, you might offer free content on the history of carpets to a carpet cleaner in your geographic area. This tends to work quite well. The site that you approach will often put up the content with a link that reads something like “for more information on great carpets at great pricing, visit xyzcarpetsales.com”. Make it a point to keep the links no follow. Your goal here is traffic and standing, not necessarily page rank, which offers questionable value these days anyway.

Don’t Neglect Your On Page SEO

When you are considering how to market your blog, don’t neglect your own on-page SEO. The value of having good keywords, good tags and great images with alt tags is inestimable. All of the other marketing methods aside, if your site isn’t ready, then that is where you need to begin. If you’re not able to do the on page SEO tasks, hiring someone to accomplish them may be in your best interests in order to be certain they are correctly done. When you’re looking for ways to market your blog and to bring in traffic, take care to make sure that Google doesn’t assume that you are doing these things to earn page rank or for some other purpose. Tag your off site posts no follow and be sure that every step that you take is ethical and above board. Your blog needs to offer a good value to your customers and readers. Once we get them on our site, making sure that everything offers them a welcoming and a friendly experience is also part of the bargain. Today, it’s a brand new ball game bringing in traffic. Driving traffic to your site is only half the battle. The other half is making sure that they can find what they want once they arrive there. I will cover that aspect in another article.