Highly Effective Tips To Increase Conversions

One thing that always amazes me is the fact that there are countless people out who have awesome blogs, but yet they struggle to make sales. Now, I know that in order to make sales, you first need to get enough traffic. What I often see in my line of work though, is that many blog sites that already enjoy lots of traffic, struggle to make money.

These sites are getting tons of traffic but most of their visitors click away from their sites almost immediately. I think it is quite obvious that if you are getting plenty of traffic but no sales, then you are doing something wrong. Okay, rather than waste anymore words, let’s take a look at some tips to increase conversions.

Landing Pages that Increase Conversions

Just in case you don’t already know, a landing page is the page people are taken to when they click on a link to your site. A landing page therefore, is not necessarily always going to be your homepage. Your homepage is the face of your website. To this end, it is the most important page on your site.

If you have a robust SEO strategy in place, a lot of your traffic will arrive directly on your homepage, so make sure this page is as close to perfect as possible. Similar attention must also be given to other pages that will be serving as landing pages. If you doubt your own skills, bite the bullet and get a professional to help with the layout and design.

Guard Against Hard Selling

One of the quickest ways to drive potential customers away from your site is by trying to force your products or services down their throats. People like to make their own decisions. If they buy something, they want to feel as though it was completely up to them. Of course you need to include a strong “Call to Action” but it’s not the first thing people want to see when they arrive on your site.

Focus Only On Your Target Audience

In my opinion, this is one of the very best tips to increase conversions. I’ve seen so many website owners pumping out thousands of articles and blogs in order to increase traffic. This strategy might increase traffic but it is not going to increase conversions if you are not targeting the right audience. In short, if you want to see your conversion rate climb, you need to focus on an audience that has a genuine interest in the products or services your site is offering.

If you want to drive traffic through article marketing, you need to be publishing high quality articles that are directly related to your particular niche. You also need to be posting those articles in places most likely to be frequented by the sort of people you are trying to reach.

Increasing Conversions through Guest Blogging

Posting high quality, informative articles on other people’s blogs as a guest blogger is much the same as article marketing, and in general, the same rules apply. Just one word of caution:

Guest blogging should only ever be done on high authority sites relevant to your niche. A quick way to find these sites would be for you to do a Google search using associated keywords. Sites that have a favorable search ranking with Google obviously have not been penalized, and these are the sort of sites you want your own site associated with.

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