Credible Ideas To Find Topics To Blog About

As a website owner hoping to generate an income, you no doubt already know that you are facing an enormous challenge. Setting up a website or a blog is the easy part. In fact, even people with minimal experience can create an impressive looking site in a matter of minutes. But, what is the point of having a fantastic looking site that never gets any visitors?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

I’m not going to delve into the world of SEO right now but let’s just touch on it briefly. There are several different SEO tactics which web masters use in order to drive traffic to their sites. These are tactics which help us to get recognized by the various search engines. However, over the years this has become increasingly difficult because the search engines like Google want to ensure people are directed to high authority sites when they search for stuff online.

Today, article marketing and blogging are among the most powerful SEO tools. Blogging in particular can drive tons of traffic to your site, but you need to determine which are the best topics to blog about.

Blogging for Traffic

There are two types of blogging that can help to increase traffic. You can post regular articles on your own site or on sites belonging to other people or businesses. The latter is known as guest blogging, and while it can be a great traffic generating tool, it is also a little bit risky. You can read more about SEO tactics that can hurt by clicking this link.

Regardless of where you are blogging, you need to stay on topic. If your site is all about pets and pet care, then only publish posts which are associated with this specific niche. If the search engines come across posts which are totally irrelevant to your niche, you WILL be penalized for it. Likewise, if people visit your pet care site and they see posts that have nothing to do with pet care; they aren’t going to hang around.

The same thing applies to guest blogging. If you post guest blogs on sites that are unrelated to yours, you may get some traffic, but you’ll effectively be driving the wrong sort of traffic to your site. If you are selling pet care services or products, then you want to attract people who love pets.

Topics You Might NOT Want To Blog About

Unless you are VERY experienced in certain niches, you are better off avoiding them altogether. The three most notable sink holes are:

  • Pornography
  • Gambling
  • Prescription Drugs

There are an almost infinite number of adult sites out there, and yes, the search engines do send them traffic. Many of these sites rely heavily on Black Hat SEO tactics though, rather than solid SEO. Seriously, if your site isn’t pornography site or a gambling site or a prescription drug site, then do yourself a favor and stay away from these niches.

Grey Blogging… Not an Exact Science

As I have mentioned earlier, SEO has changed over the years. As a result, many websites and businesses have struggled to survive online. I call these “grey” niches because while they are 100% above board, the search engines seem to have taken a different stance. A prime example would be the skin care niche, or even the natural remedies niche.

In the past, there were countless skin care companies relying on affiliate marketers to boost their search engine rankings and their sales. Many affiliate marketers made a fortune, but recent developments at Google have put an abrupt end to that. If you are focusing on this particular niche, then in my opinion, you should seriously consider using a professional SEO service. It really is one of the most difficult topics to blog about.

You can submit hundreds of keyword optimized articles in this niche every day, and you still won’t get anywhere near Google’s front page. I’m not saying that you need to avoid this niche, or any other niche for that matter, but if you are hoping to succeed, then your SEO had better be on form.

SEO can be so rewarding, but it can also be soul destroying. There is nothing worse than dedicating every spare minute to improving your site’s ranking, only to wake up and find that your site has not even been ranked at all.